Snakes are undeniably intriguing creatures, but most people prefer to admire them from a distance, especially when it comes to encountering them in unexpected places like their homes.

For many, the thought of finding a snake, especially a 12-foot python, in their house is a nightmare scenario. Yet, this became a reality for a family in Samut Prakan, Thailand, when a massive python emerged from their toilet bowl on March 17. Photos of the incident quickly circulated online, sparking both shock and fascination among viewers.

Following the alarming incident, a wildlife rescue team was called in to assist in freeing the 12-foot-long snake, which had become trapped in the plumbing of the toilet.

Suwi Paramas, a housewife, had just finished using the restroom and was washing her hands when she was startled by an unexpected sight, as reported by News Flare. A large yellow-green reptile suddenly emerged from the toilet bowl, sending her into a panic.

Suwi quickly fled the bathroom, screaming for help. Hearing her distress, her husband and brother-in-law rushed to her aid, realizing the seriousness of the situation. Emergency services were promptly contacted, and the family awaited rescue.

In the video footage, the wildlife team can be seen using specialized equipment in their attempt to free the snake. Despite the efforts of two men to coax the python out, their attempts proved futile. Controlling the situation became increasingly challenging, leading to further complications.

“I was absolutely terrified. I couldn’t even bear to watch how they captured the snake,” Suwi expressed, as reported by News Flare. “It could have been fatal.”

Despite the snake still being entwined in the u-bend, a curved section of piping, the family consented to the decision to break the porcelain basin.

However, due to its sizable stomach, the snake couldn’t be lifted straight out of the hole. To ensure the safety of both the snake and the plumbing system, the wildlife team had to dismantle the piping and extract the snake from the opposite side.

Fortunately, everything was handled smoothly, averting a potentially disastrous situation. No injuries were reported, and the snake was carefully removed to return it to its natural habitat.

It’s certainly a bizarre sight, and I wouldn’t be surprised if this peculiar snake makes another appearance in the future. This incident isn’t an isolated one, as pythons have been known to venture into Thai toilets, particularly during the summer season when they seek out cooler, moist environments.

Reports of snakes in bathrooms in Southeast Asia have been quite common. In 2021 alone, there were multiple incidents, including one where an 8-foot-long python bit a man on the buttocks before being removed from the toilet. In a separate incident in 2016, a 10-foot python emerged from a squat toilet and bit a Thai man on his genitals, resulting in a trip to the hospital.