Indeed, the bond between species can be truly remarkable, as evidenced by the enduring friendship between Bento, a deer, and GD, her faithful companion. When Laura, GD’s human, took in the deer, she found herself faced with the challenge of caring for her without any prior experience.

Laura sought guidance from an acquaintance who had experience raising deer, and with their advice, she quickly welcomed Bento into her family. Among Bento’s closest companions was GD, Laura’s cherished dog, with whom she formed a special bond.

Upon releasing Bento into the wild, Laura was surprised to find that Bento returned almost every day to visit her adopted family. Whenever Bento needed help, whether it was caring for her offspring or seeking guidance, she would return to Laura, demonstrating their enduring bond.

Laura relied on her best friend GD for assistance with caring for Bento’s offspring. GD readily embraced the role of a surrogate parent, treating the young ones as his own and cherishing them with kindness and warmth.

Bento’s regular visits to the front door are a testament to her enduring bond with Laura and GD. Despite being released into the wild, Bento still sees herself as a cherished member of the family. Here’s to hoping that their remarkable ten-year friendship continues to bring them joy and happiness for years to come.