Jessica Roberts faced a daunting challenge when she was diagnosed with terminal cancer, rhabdomyosarcoma, at the tender age of 14 in 2002. Despite the grim prognosis, she refused to give up hope and fought tirelessly against the disease. Her determination paid off, and she ultimately triumphed over cancer, emerging victorious and determined to live life to the fullest.

Despite facing nearly two years of grueling treatment, including chemotherapy, surgeries, and radiation, Jessica persevered with unwavering strength and resilience. Despite doctors’ predictions that she would never conceive children due to the infertility caused by her chemotherapy, Jessica defied the odds.

Remarkably, Jessica’s last chemotherapy session was 15 years ago, and she has since embraced a fulfilling life. She found love, married a wonderful man, and achieved her dream of becoming a mother. Against all odds, Jessica’s fertility remained intact, defying medical expectations and serving as a testament to her resilience and the miraculous power of hope.

Roberts is an active presence on Instagram, where she shares her journey with nearly 100 thousand followers. Her family consists of three daughters and four sons, with the youngest celebrating their first month recently.

On February 21st, Roberts took to Instagram to joyfully announce the arrival of her newest addition. Sharing a photo of her baby girl, she revealed, “Meet my baby girl. She’s the largest of all my children, weighing 8 pounds and 6 ounces. I am now a proud mother of seven kids.”

Indeed, Jessica Roberts serves as a shining example that the number of children one has does not determine a woman’s figure. Despite being a mother of seven children, she maintains a graceful and chic appearance. Her dedication to her family, resilience in overcoming challenges, and commitment to motherhood are truly inspiring.