A true Christmas miracle unfolded in the Waldrop family as spouses Eric and Courtney welcomed six healthy babies into the world just before the holidays. They welcomed three boys named Tag, Blue, and Lake, and three girls named Rawlings, Rain, and Rivers. With the arrival of the sextuplets, the Waldrop family now comprises nine children. Alongside the newborns, Courtney and Eric are parents to three older sons: 8-year-old Sailor and 5-year-old twins Bridge and Wells.

After the birth of her first child, Courtney faced challenges conceiving a second baby. Despite no issues getting pregnant, she experienced recurrent miscarriages at 2-3 months into her pregnancy. Enduring the pain of these losses was incredibly difficult for Courtney and her husband, who had always dreamed of having a large family. Determined to avoid further heartbreak, Courtney sought medical assistance for her next pregnancy. Thankfully, under the care of specialists, her subsequent pregnancy resulted in the joyful arrival of twin babies.

Despite their initial setbacks, the Waldrops remained steadfast in their desire for a larger family, hoping for daughters to complement their three sons. However, their dream faced another setback when Courtney experienced yet another miscarriage in her subsequent pregnancy. “Losing babies one by one is incredibly challenging. It’s a pain I couldn’t bear,” lamented the mother of multiple children.

Courtney underwent infertility treatment at a reputable clinic, where doctors implemented therapy aimed at minimizing the chances of multiple pregnancies. Given Courtney’s existing challenges with carrying children, multiple pregnancies posed significant risks, including the potential for stroke, diabetes, and late miscarriage, as explained by the doctor.

Despite precautions, Courtney’s first-trimester scan revealed the unexpected news: she was carrying sextuplets. “I was shocked to learn about the sextuplets… But I was determined to carry the children,” Courtney recounted.

Experts expressed concerns about Courtney’s ability to carry sextuplets and suggested the option of “selective abortion” to remove some embryos from the uterus. However, Courtney swiftly dismissed this suggestion, adamantly stating, “How can you choose which of your children will live?” Her conviction against such a decision was resolute.

It became clear that it would be impossible to carry the babies to at least 35 weeks, so doctors determined that a cesarean section would need to be performed between the 28th and 30th weeks of pregnancy. Initially, Courtney was able to stay at home during her pregnancy, but by the 25th week, she had to be hospitalized.

There, she underwent therapy to slow the growth of the babies. “The most challenging part for me was eating huge portions of food during meals to ensure my children received all the necessary nutrients. Thankfully, my appetite improved during the second trimester,” Courtney reminisces.

At 29 weeks, the crucial moment arrived – Courtney began experiencing contractions. Doctors promptly mobilized and conducted a cesarean section. The procedure lasted only 4 minutes, and beautiful babies were born. “It’s still too early to make predictions about the babies’ health,” experts caution.

However, Courtney and Eric have unwavering faith that their babies will grow strong and healthy. They consider them a gift from above, a true miracle with whom they will undoubtedly cherish and nurture as parents of a large family.