When Shannon Kishel noticed her daughter standing on a piece of heart-print paper in the hallway of their Denver, Colorado home, she inquired about her little one’s activities.

Shannon shared the heartwarming moment that occurred in their home, finding solace in the experience. Her daughter was standing on a piece of paper adorned with small hearts, with her hands gently placed over her own heart. When asked, she explained that she was sending love and peace to everyone in the world, including monsters, in hopes of making them kinder.

“My daughter was standing on this heart-printed paper, and I asked her what she was doing. She said she was sending love and peace to people in the world and to monsters to make them nice ❤️”

The touching response of this kind little girl, sending out her own loving energy to people and even monsters, resonated deeply with thousands of people online. In a world filled with struggles and conflicts, her gesture of pure kindness touched hearts and inspired many.

“Bless her little heart,” Mindy M. wrote.

“THIS ❤️ IS ❤️ BEAUTIFUL,” commented Patti H.

“That’s beyond her years!!! Wow, amazing empathy!! ❤️❤️❤️,” Sabrina C. wrote.

“Tell her it’s working???” wrote Ena J.

“This is so incredibly sweet! Makes me want to take a deep breath, close my eyes, and think about everything that I am grateful for! ❤️❤️Thank you for sharing this sweet sweet picture,” Terry K. expressed.

“Brings tears of joy to my eyes,” wrote Lyn K.

“This should go viral, it’s beautiful thoughts like this that need to be shared across the world!” commented Melissa L.

“Oh my goodness!!!! Tell her to keep praying her sweetness to the heavens. ?????” commented Shirley S.

“Just felt her love and peace in Lehigh Valley, Pa. sending her love and peace back ❤️” wrote Nicole V.

“I wrote a poem a while ago about how we need to watch and listen to the children because they are coming with hearts and souls more open. What a great little girl❤️” wrote Roxann C.

“Oh my heart ?! What a treasure ??” commented Verena V.

“Thank you for sharing. This just squeezed my heart and filled me with all the warm fuzzies. What a precious little cutie. ?” wrote Noelle A.

“Definitely an old soul showing up at a very good time! The earth will need her??” wrote Marcia L.

“?Tell her that the love she sent out reached New Jersey, and I am so grateful that I passed it along?” wrote Hilary B.

“And a little child shall lead them…she has a wise and caring heart! ?❤❤? Profound message for us all!” wrote Zada T.

Watch This Heartwarming Video Of The Girl Standing On Heart-Print Paper And Sending Love To The World: