The Internet was recently astounded by the story of Wang Fuman, a schoolboy whose endurance, dedication, and perseverance captured the world’s attention. Despite facing severe frost, he walked 5 kilometers to take his school exams.

The latest internet sensation hails from Xinjie Village and is just 8 years old. His image, featuring “icy” hair and eyelashes covered in frost, quickly went viral, evoking a range of emotions among users worldwide. The photo, captured by the child’s teacher, was shared on social media to highlight the resilience of his determined student, who braved harsh weather conditions without proper clothing or headgear to attend school.

The youngster swiftly earned the moniker “Ice Boy” as his photo and tale made their way into numerous global publications, resonating with tens of thousands who shared it across their social media platforms. Recently, this burgeoning internet sensation was extended an invitation to Beijing, where he participated in numerous interviews, received gifts, and even met with officials.

It was his first visit to the capital city, where he experienced the novel sensations of train and air travel. What struck him the most was the warmth of Beijing, a stark contrast to the freezing conditions he endured back home.

The youngster revealed that back home, he often sleeps in a jacket, and his family relies on burning coal throughout the night to stay warm.

Internet users were deeply moved by the story of the “Ice Boy” and rallied together to create a fund. In a short span of time, the fund amassed a significant sum of money. The collected funds will be allocated towards repairing the heating system at the boy’s school, insulating the homes of underprivileged families, and purchasing warm clothing for the children of Xinjie village and neighboring areas.