At this year’s Oscars, Sally Field, celebrated for her memorable performances in beloved films like “Mrs. Doubtfire” and “Places in the Heart,” graced the stage in an exquisite white gown, complemented by a chic curly bob hairstyle.

Teaming up with fellow acclaimed actresses Jessica Lange, Charlize Theron, Jennifer Lawrence, and Michelle Yeoh, they took center stage to present the prestigious award for Best Actress in a Leading Role, a category each of them had previously conquered.

Sally Field Photos - A Look at Sally Field's Iconic Life in Photos

As the winner, Emma Stone was bathed in the spotlight for her outstanding performance in “Poor Things,” the 77-year-old Sally Field enveloped her in a heartfelt embrace, a touching moment that resonated with audiences around the globe.

Social media was abuzz with admiration for Sally Field’s timeless beauty, as one fan gushed over a photo of the star, exclaiming, “Sally Field is still gorgeous.”

In a nostalgic moment, reminiscent of Sally’s iconic Oscar speech from 1985 when she won Best Actress for “Places in the Heart,” a user shared a GIF with the caption: “#sallyfield looking FABULOUS as always.”

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Viewers couldn’t help but be moved by the maternal warmth exuded by Sally during her interaction with Emma Stone. “Sally Field speaking to Emma Stone is like a mother speaking to a daughter,” remarked one viewer, encapsulating the tender moment.

Even Emma Stone herself couldn’t contain her admiration for Sally, sharing, “Sally Field, I’ve gotten to work with three times. We have the same birthday. I just love her and what she was saying — all of those women I admire so much and look up to so much, so it was really special.”

Sally Field’s illustrious career spans over six decades, initially marked by minor roles in films such as “Moon Pilot” in 1962, which eventually flourished into television stardom with iconic series like “Gidget,” “The Flying Nun,” and “The Girl with Something Extra” during the ’70s. Along this remarkable journey, she has garnered a plethora of accolades, including two Academy Awards, multiple Emmy Awards, and two Golden Globes.

Following her reception of the SAG Lifetime Achievement award last year, Sally reflected on her enduring journey in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, offering insights into her resilient spirit. “I wasn’t trying to prove myself… The more complicated roles I can get to, the more pieces of myself I could find,” she shared, emphasizing her pursuit of challenging and multifaceted characters.

Raised in a working-class show business family, Sally gained firsthand insight into the less glamorous aspects of the entertainment industry. “It’s not fun, it’s not easy,” she confessed, highlighting the grit and determination necessary to thrive in the demanding world of showbiz.