The departure of the Russian military from the settlement left behind a stunning service dog, sparking speculation about the circumstances. Some speculate that she was intentionally left behind, while others suggest that the German Shepherd may have wandered off on her own accord.

After making his way into the village, the dog was fed by locals, and a compassionate woman agreed to provide shelter for him alongside her own German Shepherd, Sima. Sima quickly became his friend, and he found companionship in her as he settled into his new temporary home.

As news spread about the presence of a well-trained service dog in the town, individuals started approaching Valentina with offers of money in exchange for the dog. Despite the tempting offers, Valentina steadfastly declined, unwilling to part with her newfound furry companion.

After much contemplation regarding the dog’s fate, the woman decided to present it to Ukrainian forces, hoping it could serve a purpose there.

Upon inspection, the dog’s handler found a Russian collar, suggesting its origin, yet the pup seemed to be in good health overall.

The woman decided to name the dog Max. Since then, Max has formed a strong bond with his new owner, Riddick, who is in charge of teaching him Ukrainian commands.

Max has swiftly endeared himself to the guards and has become a beloved companion among them.