For many years, the Serbian volunteer has been dedicated to caring for stray animals, but this particular situation stood out. During one of his walks, he stumbled upon a small dog curled up inside an old boot.

He decided to help the puppy, and over time, the once tiny pup blossomed into a happy and charming dog.

With no mother around to care for the puppy, Gorn took it upon himself to nurture the little creature. He provided food, and shelter, and took the puppy to the veterinarian for proper care and attention.

“The man brought the puppy to his home after assisting him. With warmth, safety, and plenty of love and attention, the puppy quickly recovered and blossomed into a gorgeous canine companion.”

After bonding with the man, the puppy was given the name Sendi, and their connection grew stronger with each passing day.

A year later, Sendi has transformed remarkably from the tiny, helpless pup that the volunteer first encountered.

It’s heartening to see Sendi blossoming into a friendly and energetic companion. Thanks to the compassion and dedication of the kind-hearted volunteer, Sendi has overcome his past challenges and now revels in a life of safety and happiness.