Ghosting is a prevalent phenomenon in the dating world, where a promising connection suddenly ends with one party cutting off all communication, often leaving the other feeling hurt and confused. While it’s a common occurrence during the early stages of dating, it can still be emotionally challenging to navigate. However, for one woman, Isabelle Glastonbury, the experience of ghosting took a devastating turn when her American partner vanished after they tied the knot, leaving her without any explanation.

Isabelle, now 31 years old, initially met this man in Dallas and was swept off her feet by his charming Texan demeanor. Their relationship progressed swiftly, culminating in an engagement and a decision to relocate from the United States to Isabelle’s native Australia in 2018. Their wedding was a lavish affair held at the opulent Boathouse in Palm Beach, with the extravagant event costing a staggering £27,000 ($50,000 AUD). However, what should have been a joyous and exciting time for the newlyweds quickly descended into a nightmare for Isabelle.

Following a celebratory dinner and drinks in January 2021 to commemorate the US man’s visa approval after a two-year wait, Isabelle’s husband vanished without a trace. Upon returning home, she discovered that almost all of his belongings had disappeared. Moreover, her access to their immigration accounts was blocked, her credit cards were maxed out, and he had blocked her on his phone, rendering any attempts to contact him futile. Astonishingly, Isabelle’s husband seemed to have vanished from the lives of everyone he knew, including mutual friends, the best man from their wedding, and even his own family. No one had any clue as to his whereabouts.

Reflecting on the events leading up to her husband’s disappearance, Isabelle recognized several warning signs. He had grown increasingly distant and started disappearing at night, leaving her feeling estranged from her marriage. Just days before ghosting her, he had expressed a desire to relocate to Queensland and build a life together. Isabelle’s frustration mounted as multiple reports about her husband’s disappearance were filed with The Department of Immigration and Border Protection, yet no progress was made. She believed that individuals who vanish without any accountability should face consequences for their actions.

Over a year ago, the couple finalized their divorce, and since then, they have had no contact with each other, except for a brief encounter in February 2021. During this encounter, Isabelle’s ex-partner offered a rather vague explanation, stating that he “had to be single.”