In a heartwarming scene captured on video and shared on Twitter, 4-year-old Abby Merryn can be seen reading a bedtime story to her beloved cat, Bailey.

Contrary to stereotypes about feline behavior, Bailey appears to thoroughly enjoy the storytelling session, happily perched on Abby’s lap as she reads aloud from a book.

Even as he dozes off intermittently, Bailey occasionally opens his eyes to gaze at Abby’s face before settling back into a peaceful slumber.

Abby’s mother, Erin, reveals that this nightly ritual is a regular occurrence in their household, with Abby affectionately curling up with Bailey to share her favorite stories. To Erin’s delight, Bailey proves to be the perfect audience, always attentive and seemingly captivated by Abby’s storytelling.

Having adopted Bailey thirteen years ago in Chicago, Erin recalls the instant connection she felt with him when he leaped into her arms and refused to let go. Despite the passage of time, Bailey remains as gentle and affectionate as ever, endearing himself to the entire family with his unwavering companionship.