Inquire of any prospective bride, and chances are, she’ll confess to having envisioned specific elements of her wedding day for years, perhaps even since childhood.

Once the wedding day arrives, having loved ones present is usually sufficient, though it’s common for couples to desire to incorporate their own distinct flair into the festivities.

Rachel Pitman, who tied the knot with her partner in July 2023, had a singular desire for her wedding day: to have her 95-year-old grandfather serve as her flower boy.

While most are familiar with the concept of flower girls, who traditionally follow the bridal party down the aisle scattering petals, herbs, or confetti, the idea of a “flower grandad” is a delightful twist.

Chances are, many haven’t considered the concept before. I hadn’t given it much thought until I came across Rachel Pitman’s Instagram video from her wedding day.

The video has garnered viral attention for all the right reasons, and the heartwarming story behind it is truly touching.

In the footage, Rachel’s grandfather, Bert Edlin, takes center stage in the wedding procession, proudly leading the way with a basket of petals, his face radiating with joy as he showers the aisle with them.

In another Instagram post, Rachel shared the profound significance of Bert’s presence at her wedding, revealing that the 95-year-old had faced a challenging surgical procedure in the year leading up to her big day. According to Rachel, doctors had given slim odds for his recovery.

“Doctors told us recovery was slim and even if he did recover, he wouldn’t be able to walk, talk, or eat again,” Rachel’s post recounted.

During a period when he couldn’t speak, Bert passed Rachel a note that read, “I will make it to your wedding.”

Determined to defy the odds, Bert underwent months of intensive physical therapy following his surgery, striving to ensure he could be there for his granddaughter’s special day.

“…and that he did,” Pitman wrote. “In the most special way, WALKING down the aisle as my flower grandad. The most determined person I know, and I feel so lucky to call you my Grandad.”