Mila had faced numerous challenges in her life until the day she found her forever family. Now, she can’t seem to stop cuddling her owners. Marie McCain and her husband Markie had been uncertain about filling the void left by their old dog until they crossed paths with Mila.

McCain expressed, “She melted my heart.”

“We had recently lost our other dog a few months before meeting Mila, so initially, it was just a mental meeting.”

“At that moment, I didn’t feel prepared for a new puppy.”

Mila’s charm proved irresistible, prompting the couple to arrange a meet-and-greet with the rescue team. “I leaned forward to avoid startling her, and in seconds, she was in my lap and my life,” Markie recounted.

The moment I met her, it was love at first sight; there was an instant connection.

We felt like she was meant to be with us.

Before that joyful day, Mila had received no attention, and her previous owners had simply neglected her.

After the rescue, Mila was reunited with a caring foster family, where she could replenish her energy. After a few months, she was finally ready for adoption.