Carrie Long manages a nonprofit sanctuary dedicated to caring for orphaned deer called Texas Fawn and Friends. While her focus is primarily on deer, her rescue also provides a home for a lovable raccoon named Jasper.

According to The Dodo, Jasper’s story began when he was discovered as a tiny, helpless raccoon just a few weeks old, abandoned in a rainstorm and on the brink of survival after being left by his mother. “We weren’t sure he was going to make it,” Carrie recounted to The Dodo.

Determined to give him a chance, Carrie took him in and nursed him back to health, and fortunately, Jasper defied the odds and thrived. Carrie quickly formed a deep bond with the little raccoon, describing him as the epitome of adorableness as his eyes first opened.

Since then, Jasper has become a permanent resident at the sanctuary. Despite having the freedom to venture out on his own, Carrie notes that Jasper has chosen to stay, enjoying the comforts of home and indulging in treats like cat food and Rice Krispies.

Jasper’s compassionate nature extends beyond his friendship with Carrie to the orphaned fawns under her care. Having experienced a similar fate of abandonment and rescue, Jasper seems to empathize with these deer, forging heartwarming connections with them.

One such special bond is with a fawn named Hope, who arrived at the sanctuary not long after Jasper did. Hope’s tragic story began when her mother was discovered dead on the road, leaving her orphaned and in need of a haven.

It’s truly heartwarming to witness Jasper’s affectionate gestures towards Hope, offering her comfort and companionship in her time of need.

Carrie fondly describes how Jasper eagerly rushes to greet Hope, showering her with affectionate licks and cuddles, serving as a source of solace and reassurance for the young fawn.

Their touching bond, captured in a viral video, serves as a powerful reminder of the capacity for love and compassion that transcends species boundaries.

Carrie affectionately describes Jasper as the more enthusiastic and affectionate member of their friendship dynamic. She humorously likens him to an “irritating little brother” who eagerly showers Hope with attention and affection.

Despite Jasper’s exuberance, Hope displays remarkable patience and acceptance, graciously allowing him to express his affection through hugs and playful interactions. Their unique bond exemplifies a harmonious and accepting relationship between different species.

Carrie expressed her surprise at the overwhelming popularity of the video, admitting that she hadn’t initially realized the extent of Jasper and Hope’s viral fame until her daughter brought it to her attention.

However, she understands why people are captivated by the heartwarming friendship between Jasper and Hope. Their story of resilience, compassion, and unlikely companionship resonates deeply with viewers, offering a glimpse into the enduring bonds that can form between animals, despite their different backgrounds and species. Carrie hopes that Jasper and Hope will continue to cherish their friendship for many years to come, inspiring others with their heartwarming connection.