Actor Hugh Laurie was seen taking a leisurely walk with his beloved dog, seeming a bit subdued compared to his usual enthusiastic demeanor.

For the premiere of his new sitcom, “Why Didn’t They Ask Evans?” Hugh opted for a cozy ensemble, wearing a navy sweater, a dark blue cap, and black slacks and sneakers.

At 62 years old, the actor is widely recognized for his roles in Blackadder and House. Currently, he’s involved in developing a murder mystery series based on Agatha Christie’s 1934 novel of the same name.

The highly anticipated film boasts an ensemble cast featuring some of Hollywood’s most prominent names, promising an intriguing adaptation of one of Christie’s most renowned works.

Will Poulter takes on the role of Bobby Jones, the son of the vicar, while Frances Derwent portrays Lady Frances Derwent, his intrepid companion as they delve into a mysterious murder.

Emma Thompson and Jim Broadbent are set to portray Lady Frances Marcham’s aristocratic parents, adding to the star-studded lineup of the movie.

Hugh Laurie takes on a dual role in the miniseries, not only starring as the psychotherapist Dr. James Nicholson but also directing the project.

Expressing his enthusiasm for the undertaking, Laurie revealed his long-standing admiration for the book and its enthralling mystery, noting that his fascination with it dates back to his teenage years and continues to captivate him to this day.

I feel incredibly grateful for the opportunity to write and narrate another story about this remarkable group of individuals. This project has deepened my appreciation for their work and dedication.

I was determined to present myself at my best and deliver a performance that would complement the ensemble’s efforts.