Despite being part of a royal family, Prince William and Kate Middleton haven’t always maintained a flawless image. While they are often praised as the epitome of a perfect couple, their early years together were far from the polished image they now present.

Vintage photos of the couple in their twenties depict them enjoying nights out at posh clubs, often appearing intoxicated and surrounded by friends. These images circulated on social media, sparking various reactions from the public.

Some commentators defended the couple, noting that their behavior was typical of young people and praising their relaxed demeanor. Others celebrated their bond, which began during their university days at St Andrews in 2001. Despite briefly parting ways in 2007, William and Kate reunited and married in 2011, solidifying their status as one of the UK’s most respected couples.

Reflecting on their university romance, William fondly recalled their friendship blossoming into something more. He described their time together as filled with laughter, shared interests, and a mutual sense of humor.

While many congratulated the couple on their journey, some pointed out a double standard in how they were perceived compared to other members of the royal family. They noted that if similar photos had surfaced of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, they likely would not have received the same level of acceptance and support.

Despite their early partying days, William and Kate’s love story has endured, proving that even members of the royal family are not immune to youthful indiscretions.