In May, officers of the Saanich Police Department in Victoria, Canada, seized an opportunity for community engagement by donning their dancing shoes.

Twenty-one police officers collaborated with 100 students from Spectrum Community School’s dance program to organize a flashmob at Uptown.

The chosen music? Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk,” fittingly enough.

The event aimed to foster a unique bond between kids and police, as stated in a news release issued afterward. This was achieved through dance sessions where officers and students laughed and worked toward the common goal of performing in a flash mob together.

Though dancing publicly in a flash mob stretched many officers’ comfort zones, they were willing to take the risk to create a memorable experience for the city.

Not only did officers participate in dance sessions alongside the students, but they also dedicated their own time to practice. Lia Shannon, a dance instructor at Spectrum Community School, received the Chief Constable’s Citizenship Award for her role in organizing the event.

Shannon, along with the dancers, had just four days to pull everything together. Despite the tight timeline, they rehearsed diligently every day.

The dedication of the police officers was commendable, with 17 of them attending Shannon’s dance class at one point. One officer, in particular, was particularly enthusiastic about mastering the routine, even tackling the toughest sections with determination.

The performance garnered a large audience and numerous compliments while successfully achieving its goal of bridging the gap between kids and police officers. Shannon noted the positive impact on both the community and her students, highlighting the newfound friendship and trust between the youngsters and the cops.