It’s often easy to overlook opportunities to brighten someone’s day when we’re consumed by our own concerns.

However, Sofi Cruz, a young girl from South Carolina, recently seized the chance to make a difference—and she didn’t let it slip away.

Sofi recounted in a Facebook post that she was chatting with her best friend, Jaheim, when he made a comment that struck a chord with her.

While the comment itself wasn’t particularly remarkable, something about it stuck with Sofi for the next four days. “For the past week and a half, I’ve been planning something special for a dear friend of mine,” she wrote. His name is Jahiem. ”

“I’ve known Jahiem since his days in Mrs. Dragotta’s third-grade class.”

“From then till now, he’s been the student who consistently completes his assignments on time, never misses a day of school, readily lends a hand to the teacher, and radiates joy wherever he goes.”

Last week, Jahiem hesitantly mentioned, “Can someone hook me up with a new pair of shoes? I really don’t like mine, and I wear a size 10–11.”

“I’ve always wanted to do something nice for him, but I never had the means or the confidence to make it happen,” the teen shared.

However, bolstered by her family’s encouragement and her new job, Sofi decided to act on her impulse this time.

“Since I started working and saving up, I was able to buy him a pair of shoes the very next day.” My Grandaddy also chipped in to help.”

In the heartwarming video, Sofi enters the classroom with a backpack in hand, making her way toward Jahiem, who is unaware of what’s about to happen.

Sofi begins by reminiscing about their long-standing friendship and Jahiem’s special place in her life. She shares her desire to do something kind for someone since starting her job, and she chose him.

“This is for you,” she says as she places the backpack on his desk.

Watch the touching moment unfold in the video below!