“You’ve likely heard tales from individuals who entered the world of theater, feeling it was their calling from a young age.

Every actor starts as a drama-loving child, and if this video is any indication, two tiny twins seem destined for Oscars in the future.”

To keep the twins occupied, their mother put on “Frozen” in 2017. After stepping out of the room briefly, she heard some commotion near the TV. When she came back, she witnessed a scene much funnier than two little toddlers peacefully watching a movie.

Upon her return, she found the twins reenacting scenes from the movie. Hand in hand, they paraded through the living room, mimicking Anna and Elsa’s actions. Their performances never disappoint.

Next came a routine magic show, nothing out of the ordinary for these two drama queens.

And of course, after successfully casting their magical beams, a celebratory happy dance is a must. These two little stars are true drama enthusiasts.

Never ones to hold back, they seamlessly incorporate the moves of the third character, Olaf the snowman, into their routine without skipping a beat. They are truly destined for stardom on the big screen.

And the Academy Award goes to these two kids and only these two kids.

Watch these talented tykes effortlessly complete the scene below, and if their antics brought a smile to your face, be sure to share to spread some joy today!