A touching video has emerged online, showcasing the heartwarming reaction of a 2-year-old girl as she spots her new mom during a performance.

The journey of adoption is filled with countless moments of joy and unexpected surprises. One such moment unfolded in a video shared by a mom online. In the midst of a performance, her newly adopted daughter suddenly pauses, her singing momentarily forgotten, as she points excitedly into the audience, exclaiming, “My Mommy!” The sheer joy and love in her voice are palpable and utterly genuine.

newly adopted girl spots mom tiktok

The mom, touched by this precious moment, captured it on camera and shared it online, expressing her gratitude and overwhelming joy. Her heartfelt post reads, “This video was taken shortly after adopting my baby girl. Instead of singing, she kept pointing at me saying ‘My Mommy.’ So grateful I captured this beautiful moment.”

This heartwarming instance serves as a poignant reminder of the profound beauty of adoption and the transformative impact it has on the lives of children in need of a loving family.

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