Amidst the backdrop of somber news across the country, a heartwarming video depicting a toddler’s overwhelming love for his newborn sister is warming hearts everywhere.

In Richland Township, Arkansas, the Williams family shared a precious moment as they welcomed home their seventh child—a newborn daughter. Uncertain about how their 1-year-old son, Brooks, would react to his new sister, Ashlyn, and Logan Williams eagerly awaited his response.


Concerned due to Brooks having Down syndrome, his parents wondered how he would react to seeing his baby sister for the first time. However, their worries quickly dissipated as Brooks was utterly captivated by his new sibling.

As Collyns was placed beside Brooks on his father’s chest, the little boy was filled with awe and adoration. His expressions were priceless as he gazed at his baby sister, reluctant to let her out of his sight for even a moment. When their mom took Collyns into her arms, Brooks immediately burst into tears, longing to be near his sister once more.


“Want her back? Okay, okay,” Ashlyn reassured off-camera, returning Collyns to her brother’s side. Brooks ceased crying and resumed his mesmerized gaze at his sister, his love for her evident in every glance.


Reflecting on the heartwarming moment, Ashlyn remarked, “I can just tell they are going to be best friends. It was really sweet, he already loved her so much. He is such a loving young boy, and we were just so tickled by his reaction.”