The arrival of a new baby is always cause for celebration, but the anticipation of finally meeting them in person after months of waiting makes the moment even more special. While ultrasounds offer glimpses of our little ones while they’re still in the womb, nothing compares to the overwhelming joy of holding them in our arms for the first time.

Babies often surprise us with their unique features, like adorable dimples or a full head of hair. But perhaps the most surprising moment occurs when a baby doesn’t quite resemble their parents. Such was the case for one family whose story went viral, sparking intrigue and speculation online. Keep reading to uncover what unfolded.

Rachel, currently employed as a cashier at the Celina 52 Truck Stop in Tennessee, welcomed her son, Cash Jamal Buckman, into the world on February 17th after a challenging labor and delivery process. It quickly caught people’s attention that Rachel and her fiancé, Paul Buckman, are both white, while Cash appears to be of African descent.

In a heartwarming gesture, the truck stop shared a photo of the happy family on Facebook, extending their congratulations to Rachel and Paul on the birth of their son. “Congratulations to our cashier Rachel and her fiancé Paul Buckman on the birth of their baby Cash Jamal Buckman, who was born on Saturday at 6:18 p.m.,” the post’s headline read.

Instead of receiving the expected well-wishes, the truck stop’s post sparked a flurry of comments questioning Cash’s paternity, with some individuals suggesting that Paul might not be the biological father. In response to the spreading rumors, Celina 52 Truck Stop amended their post to clarify that Paul is indeed Cash’s father. The presence of African American DNA in Rachel’s heritage can be inherited and result in a child with a darker complexion, debunking the doubts raised about Cash’s parentage.

The revised post also mentioned the possibility of Cash having jaundice, a common condition among newborns, and concluded with a plea for kindness. Despite the truck stop’s clarification, inquiries and jests continued to circulate online. One commenter sarcastically remarked, “Congratulations!!! He looks just like his dad. Oh wait, where is he?” While another suggested, “A DNA test is needed; what if there was a mix-up in the nursery?”

Amidst the controversy, Paul faced criticism from some individuals, with one commenter expressing sympathy for him, describing the situation as deeply unsettling. Despite the negative sentiment, Rachel took matters into her own hands, choosing to address the issue directly. She shared what she believed to be her DNA test results on Facebook, aiming to provide evidence of her heritage and put an end to the speculation.

In a firm statement, Rachel urged those spreading rumors to cease tarnishing her and Paul’s names, affirming that Paul is indeed Cash’s father. However, the jokes and skepticism persisted, with some mocking the situation and questioning the validity of the test results. One commenter even suggested resorting to a popular paternity testing show, jesting that “this seems like a job for Maury.”