On March 22, the Princess of Wales disclosed her cancer diagnosis. The same day, actress Blake Lively publicly apologized via her Instagram Story for previously making light of controversies surrounding the Princess of Wales’ past use of Photoshop. Expressing remorse for her previous post, Lively acknowledged the need to address it amid the serious news about Kate Middleton’s health.

Blake Lively apologizes for mocking Kate Middleton 'Photoshop fails' after  princess reveals cancer diagnosis

Kate’s absence from public view since her January abdominal surgery sparked speculation. This speculation escalated when she shared a photo with her children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, on social media, which was later removed due to alleged tampering. Kate addressed the issue, apologizing for any confusion, and explaining she occasionally edits photos like many amateur photographers.

Blake Lively Apologizes for 'Photoshop Fails' Post After Kate Middleton's  Cancer News

Celebrities weighed in, with Blake using her post to promote her mocktail business, subtly referencing the removed photo’s Photoshop blunder. However, following Kate’s cancer revelation, Blake promptly apologized and extended congratulations to the royal. Amid well-wishes from the royal family, celebrities, and world leaders, sources noted William’s unwavering support for Kate during this challenging time, despite false rumors perpetuated by the media.