Like many parents during the COVID-19 lockdown, Tao Xie and Nicole Sun sought activities to engage their 3-year-old daughter, Brigitte. With Nicole’s basic piano skills, they enrolled Brigitte in online piano classes via Zoom. Brigitte’s natural talent for playing the piano was immediately evident to her teacher, Felicia Feng Zhang.

Impressed by Brigitte’s progress, Zhang remarked that she had learned more in six months than most students typically do in a year. Brigitte quickly grasped reading classical songs and sheet music, showcasing her aptitude for the instrument. As conditions allowed, Brigitte transitioned to in-person lessons in Greenwich, Connecticut. Within a year, it became evident to everyone in Brigitte’s circle that they had a prodigious musical talent in their midst.

4-year-old playing piano in red dress with feet on tiny stool

“At first, I didn’t anticipate she’d be a prodigy or anything,” expressed her delighted father. “But hey, it’s pretty amazing.” Felicia remarked, “Brigitte started with me when she was just two months shy of three years old. I could see her genuine interest in learning and her love for it during our lessons. That’s what we call true desire.”

While the extent of Brigitte’s success in competitions remained uncertain, her music teacher eagerly awaited the opportunity for her to showcase her skills. At just 4 years old, Brigitte achieved a remarkable feat by winning the Elite International Music Competition, becoming its youngest-ever winner. The grand prize? A live performance at New York City’s prestigious Carnegie Hall, a dream for many musicians.

4-year-old playing piano in white and black floral dress

Unfortunately, the renowned Carnegie Hall requires all performers to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19, posing a challenge for Brigitte, who, at 4 years old, is ineligible for vaccination. This may mean she won’t be able to showcase her talent at the prestigious venue just yet. However, we’re confident that Brigitte will continue to achieve remarkable things, even if she doesn’t step onto the Carnegie Hall stage this year. Keep shining, Brigitte!

You can catch Brigitte’s performance on “Live with Kelly and Ryan” in the video below. Be sure to share this incredible story with your friends!