In a lively city where skyscrapers touch the sky and the streets pulse with life, a curious young boy named Ethan lives. His eyes sparkle with curiosity and his energy never wanes, especially when he ponders the enigma of his father’s daily job.

For several weeks, Ethan has bombarded his father with inquiries about what he does all day, but his father, a preoccupied executive, consistently dodges these questions, which only fuels Ethan’s intrigue. Resolute in his quest for answers, Ethan concocts a plan to uncover the truth by himself.

One day, while his father is engrossed in an important conference, Ethan takes matters into his own hands. Sneaking into his father’s office, he begins to search through drawers and files, hoping to unravel the mystery of his father’s occupation.

As Ethan delves deeper into the paperwork, he encounters a myriad of intricate diagrams, charts, and reports filled with complex terminology that challenges his understanding. Undeterred by the complexity, Ethan persists, driven by his determination to uncover the truth behind his father’s work.

Suddenly, the office door swings open, revealing Ethan’s father standing in the doorway, his expression a blend of surprise and amusement. Caught in the act, Ethan braces himself for a scolding, but to his astonishment, his father simply smiles and invites him to take a seat.

With patience and care, Ethan’s father endeavors to explain his job using simple language, breaking down complex concepts and procedures into terms that Ethan can grasp. As they converse, Ethan’s eyes illuminate with comprehension, recognizing the significance of his father’s work in shaping their environment.

Filled with newfound respect and admiration for his father, Ethan pledges to keep their conversation confidential, acknowledging the privilege of glimpsing into his father’s world. And as they embrace, Ethan understands that the bond between father and son transcends any challenges they may face in life.