You will always remember the happiness that comes with giving birth to your first grandchild, but for one grandmother in the UK, this happy event was also marked by extreme suffering.

On September 9, Abbie Hallawell’s granddaughter Parker John was born, but her 17-year-old daughter was left brain-dead and in critical condition.

Teegan Barnard gave birth to a healthy 9 lb, 90 z baby in September 2019, but she also suffered a cardiac attack and faced many other challenging circumstances. She passed away after a few weeks.

Parker’s father will raise the kid, and Abbie pledges to use every resource at her disposal to ensure that her grandson knows how much his mother loves him.

“She was so delighted—she would have been the best mother in the world,” said Abbie.

She wanted to tell him how much she cared for him. I would do everything to win her back because I miss her more than anything in the world. More than a mother and daughter, we resembled closest friends.

Abbie made sure Teegan had a chance to hold her baby boy in the last weeks of her life. She also took pictures that Parker will look at when he’s older.

She said, “Seeing Parker in his mother’s arms, where he belongs, has been very essential to me.”

The bereaved grandma said that Parker was even observed smiling as he lay next to her during her last moments.

Abbie says, “I combined them wherever it was possible.” “Now that she’s gone, we give Parker jackets with his mother’s picture on them. I think she should be beside him all the time.