When Alisa opened her front door last year, she noticed a small green frog on her patio. This little amphibian, equally at home on land or in water, seemed to have made its way over by possibly hitching a ride.

To her surprise, it had taken shelter in another one of her sneakers, turning it into a makeshift home.

The frog enjoyed her single night so much that she became a regular visitor, feasting on bugs on Alisa’s patio each evening. Alisa, charmed by her new amphibious friend, nicknamed her Jabba, after her seemingly insatiable appetite.

A pair of Alisa’s old running shoes left on the porch, became Jabba’s favorite resting spot, providing a haven whenever she needed to rest or just take a break from her nightly adventures.

Jabba’s choice of Alisa’s shoe as her home meant that the sneaker was no longer suitable for running. As the summer ended, Jabba ventured away from the patio and the shoe, retreating to the nearby woods to hibernate through the winter months.

Upon Jabba’s return in the spring, Alisa found herself facing a dilemma: while she cherished the amphibian’s presence, she also longed to reclaim the freedom of movement that her shoe represented.