During a hike with his wife, Lorry noticed something peculiar on her sock while glancing down at the ground. Initially resembling a small, bumpy cucumber or baby watermelon, upon closer inspection, they realized it was a spider.

“We realized it was a little spider since it had started to spin a web,” said Lorry. “We gently set it down on the ground where I was attempting to capture the photo.”

The peculiar spider is known as a “cucumber spider” due to its resemblance to a small fruit or vegetable rather than a typical spider.

While cucumber spiders don’t use traditional hideouts, they excel at blending into their surroundings or creating distractions that divert attention away from them. So, it’s quite fortunate that Lorry and his wife stumbled upon one during their hike.

It seemed as though a tiny creature was making its way along the path, resembling a miniature melon on legs. What a delightful sight!