The Kentucky Derby serves as a special opportunity for Dannielynn Birkhead and her father, Larry Birkhead, to bond and enjoy quality time together. Ahead of the race on Saturday, the duo made a grand entrance on Friday, May 3, attending various festivities.

Larry, 51, shared a series of photos on Instagram captioned, “En route to the Barnstable-Brown Gala to kick off Kentucky Derby weekend,” showcasing moments with Dannielynn, 17.

In one snapshot, the father-daughter pair smiled for the camera, seated closely together. Larry sported a gray suit with a black tie, while Dannielynn donned an elegant all-black ensemble previously worn by Janet Jackson.

In a tweet, Birkhead mentioned Dannielynn wearing her second @janetjackson outfit to the party, which he acquired from Janet’s @juliens_auctions charity auction.

The dress in question, described by Julien as a “Gianfranco Ferre black dress,” features a unique knee-length front and floor-length back with zippers all around.

Birkhead expressed his excitement for a fantastic Derby weekend with his recently graduated high school daughter.

Despite living a largely private life throughout the year, Dannielynn, the daughter of the late Anna Nicole Smith, shares an annual tradition with Birkhead, attending the Kentucky Derby together since she was three years old.

Fans on Instagram praised the duo’s tradition and Dannielynn’s stunning appearance. During the 2023 Kentucky Derby, she posed alongside her father, who wore a sunflower-print dress designed by Leo Lin, coordinated with Dannielynn’s outfit.

In addition to their annual father-daughter trips, Larry Birkhead and Dannielynn also express support for each other through social media.

During Larry’s birthday celebrations in January, he humorously remarked about Dannielynn’s knack for capturing “really bad pictures” of him during dinner, sharing the lighthearted moment on Instagram with photos of them smiling together.

Likewise, on Dannielynn’s birthday in September, Larry took to social media to praise his daughter. “Happy Birthday, Dannielynn! I’m incredibly proud of you in every way,” he wrote.

He praised her humor, intelligence, and beauty, expressing pride in her growth and acknowledging how Anna Nicole Smith would also be proud of her. Larry ended his heartfelt message with a touch of humor, mentioning her request to spend her life in his basement, albeit noting the absence of basements in Florida.

Their social media interactions highlight the close bond and affection they share as father and daughter.