While you might recall certain events from 1950, you might have been too young or not yet born. The 1950s marked a period of significant change, yet life in middle America was relatively uncomplicated.

Each year of the 1950s welcomed approximately 4 million newborns, setting records as never before had so many babies been born in a single year.

Could you guess the most popular names for boys and girls during this time? If you guessed James and Mary, you’d be correct.

In 1950, the average cost of a house was approximately $7,000. While these houses were not spacious by today’s standards, people owned fewer possessions and didn’t require ample room for large appliances and furniture.

By 1951, many households in America had televisions, coinciding with the premiere of “I Love Lucy.” Approximately half of the households with TVs tuned in to watch this beloved show. This era also introduced the concept of TV Dinners, which became a popular way to enjoy meals while watching television.

Technological advancements were on the horizon, as both Steve Jobs and Bill Gates were born in 1955. Additionally, “The Wizard of Oz” made its television debut in 1956, bringing cherished memories of Dorothy and her companions to households across the nation.

1956 also marked the opening of the first mall, which still stands today despite the closure of many others. It was a place where you could purchase popular items like the Hula Hoop, which became a sensation, with 100 million sold by the end of the decade. Check out the video below for more intriguing facts about the 1950s.