Today marks Adam’s 12th birthday, and his mother is lavishing him with gifts. Unbeknownst to him, among the presents awaiting him is the one he’s been longing for since he was a child.

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In the kitchen, Adam excitedly unwraps gifts in a now-viral TikTok video posted by his mother. However, his delight turns to confusion when he discovers that the toys are meant for dogs. He questions his mother, expressing his belief that there has been a mistake. Off-camera, Mom can be heard apologizing, “Are you serious? Are they dog toys? I’m sorry, buddy, but I think you need a dog.”

TikTok @cincygirl513

Adam remains clueless about his mom’s intentions until his father enters the scene with a stunning black dog. Adam’s reaction is priceless! Witness this heartwarming moment in the TikTok video linked below.

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He told his mom, “I’m going to weep,” to which his mother replied, “Okay.”

It’s apparent that Adam is overcome with emotion since “his desire came true.”

The way he behaves indicates that the dog will be greatly liked.

TikTok @cincygirl513

Adam’s mother later uploaded a video of Adam with Weller. Weller is an 8-week-old Portuguese Water Dog/Golden Retriever hybrid.

A touching compilation of photographs in the film shows Adam enjoying Weller’s first outdoor toilet, snuggling with him in his pen, and the two becoming great friends!

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Viewers like the tender moment and applaud Adam for being “genuinely wonderful.” “Kid was still incredibly kind and grateful over a dog toy,” one redditor commented. “I’m so glad this man got a puppy.”

“Absolutely, that was the highlight of the movie,” remarked another observer. “Despite everything, he was appreciative of the dog toys he got for his birthday.” “He’s such a sweet child. I aspire to raise my kids to have that kind of gratitude.”

“That family is truly exceptional and remarkable,” commented another. “My favorite moment was when the little one said, ‘I’m going to cry,’ and his mom reassured him, ‘that’s okay.’ Oh, it melts my heart!”

Weller has unquestionably found a family that will cherish and care for him just as deeply as they do each other.