The revelation of Kate Middleton’s cancer diagnosis sent shockwaves globally. Prior to her public disclosure, rumors and conjectures had been rife on social platforms for months, with some even suggesting that the Princess of Wales might not be alive.

Yet, as her cancer diagnosis was confirmed, these speculations gradually dissipated. Presently, the princess is cherishing moments with her family at Anmer Hall, with uncertainty looming over her return to public life.

Even though Kate’s diagnosis has been widely acknowledged, there are still skeptics who outright reject it. On social media, an individual claiming affiliation with UCLA has put forward sensational assertions, insinuating that the Princess of Wales is fabricating her cancer diagnosis.

After undergoing abdominal surgery at London Hospital in mid-January, the Palace announced that the Princess would be taking time to recuperate and would not resume her royal duties until Easter. However, as she remained out of the public eye, speculations regarding her health and whereabouts began to circulate among both the public and the media.

To allay concerns, the Palace released another statement reassuring the public that the Princess of Wales was in good health.

Kate felt pressured by media scrutiny to divulge further details about her surgery. Despite her royal status entitling her to keep her medical records private, there was an expectation for her to follow in the King’s footsteps and disclose her diagnosis to raise awareness. However, Kate remained silent for a period until she eventually revealed that doctors had discovered cancer following tests conducted after her surgery.

The princess began her statement by expressing gratitude to the public for their support, saying, “I want to extend my heartfelt thanks for all the wonderful messages of support and your understanding during my recovery from surgery. These past few months have been incredibly challenging for our family, but I’ve been fortunate to receive exceptional care from my medical team, for which I am deeply thankful.”

Continuing, she disclosed, “In January, I underwent significant abdominal surgery in London, initially believed to be non-cancerous. The surgery was successful; however, subsequent tests revealed the presence of cancer. As a result, my medical team recommended a course of preventative chemotherapy, which I have now commenced in its early stages.”

“Needless to say, this news came as an immense shock, and William and I have been working tirelessly to navigate and cope with this situation in private, particularly for the well-being of our young family.”

“As you can imagine, this has been a process. Recovering from major surgery and commencing treatment has taken time. But perhaps most importantly, it has been a journey to explain everything to George, Charlotte, and Louis in a way that they can understand and to reassure them that I will be alright.”

“Having William by my side has been a tremendous source of comfort and strength. And the outpouring of love, support, and kindness from so many of you has meant the world to us both.”

“We hope you’ll understand that, as a family, we now need some time, space, and privacy as I undergo treatment. My work has always been a source of joy, and I eagerly anticipate returning when I’m able. But for now, my focus must be on a full recovery.”

“In closing, I want to extend my thoughts to all those affected by cancer. To anyone facing this disease, in any form, please hold onto hope. You are not alone.”

Following the release of the video, speculations were suggesting it might have been created using AI. However, this theory was quickly dismissed as the video was filmed by the BBC. Nevertheless, the BBC faced substantial criticism for their coverage of Kate Middleton’s cancer announcement, with many questioning the extent of their focus on the matter.

On April 5, the broadcasting network stated on its website, affirming their approach to reporting on Kate Middleton’s cancer announcement. They emphasized their commitment to sensitivity in covering what they acknowledged as a challenging time for the princess and the royal family. The BBC stated that they aired the princess’s video message in its entirety, reflecting the global significance of the story and the widespread support for her. While providing information on Catherine’s condition, they refrained from speculating on undisclosed details.

Acknowledging potential dissent regarding their coverage, the BBC emphasized their responsibility to report stories of interest while respecting privacy requests. They assured that editorial decisions were made with careful consideration.

Among those casting doubt on the authenticity of Kate’s video is Johnathan Perkins, UCLA’s Director of Race and Equity. On X platform, he consistently propagated speculations about Kate’s health and even questioned her survival. Now, he asserts that Kate does not have cancer whatsoever.

In a January post, Perkins wrote, “King Chuck and Kate do NOT deserve my respect.” Then, six days after Kate revealed her diagnosis, he questioned, “Really and truly wondering if Kate Middleton is still alive.”

Perkins went on to suggest that the royal family is using the cancer diagnosis as a cover-up, labeling Kate a “known liar.” On Easter Sunday, he made a tasteless joke, asking, “Wait, isn’t Kate Middleton supposed to rise today?”

In response to inquiries, a UCLA spokesperson stated that Perkins’s personal social media posts do not represent the university’s views, emphasizing UCLA’s commitment to fostering understanding and inclusiveness.

Although Perkins has since deleted his tweets, they were captured and published by the Daily Mail. Predictably, he faced severe backlash from the public and numerous royal experts. Kinsey Schofield, the podcast host of To Di For Daily, condemned Perkins, urging him to “get a life.”

Schofield expressed her disgust, stating, “It’s so sick, I refuse to even say his name,” during an interview with Sky News Australia.

“If you look at the sheer volume of tweets this nearly 40-year-old man has directed towards the Princess of Wales, I don’t see how one can ignore the signs of mental instability. It’s truly alarming.”