K9 dogs play a vital role in police departments, utilizing their exceptional senses to carry out tasks like tracking down missing individuals. In a recent incident, a K9 named Mercury proved her worth by locating a missing 85-year-old woman in just ten minutes.

The Greenwood Village Police Department in Colorado received a call reporting the elderly woman missing for two hours on May 2. To aid in the search, Mercury, trained specifically for locating missing persons, was deployed alongside her handler, Officer Speer.

Upon arriving at the scene, Mercury swiftly picked up a trail, leading the officers to a steep ravine where the woman was discovered, clinging to a tree. Bodycam footage captures the moment Speer and Mercury find her, reassuring her and promising to get her home safely.

The City of Greenwood Village Government shared on Facebook that the ravine was hidden from view, making it unlikely the woman would have been found without Mercury’s swift assistance. Her son expressed gratitude, marveling at Mercury’s efficiency, likening the rescue to a “Navy Seal extraction.”

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The woman had become exhausted while attempting to climb the hill and was unable to move, emphasizing the life-saving impact of Mercury’s quick response.