In a heartwarming moment captured by Myla Aguila, a resident of Quezon Province, the Philippines, a thoughtful duck was seen retrieving a boy’s lost flip-flop and returning it to him.

While exploring the mountainous terrain of Sitio Madaguldol village near her home, Aguila came across a young boy perched atop a small hill beside the road. To her surprise, the boy was facing a minor dilemma – one of his flip-flops had slipped down the slope and was now beyond his reach.

Instead of descending down the muddy slope himself, the boy watched in amazement as a kind-hearted duck took the initiative to retrieve his lost flip-flop. Despite the ease with which he could have retrieved it himself, the duck beat him to the task, picking up the white rubber flip-flop with its beak.

Aguila, witnessing this unexpected act of kindness from the duck, was astonished. Ducks are often perceived as simple creatures primarily raised for commercial purposes, particularly for their eggs. However, this intelligent duck challenged that stereotype with its thoughtful gesture.

“I was speechless. This duck is truly remarkable. It offered its help willingly, even though it doesn’t know the child,” Aguila shared online. “Upon inquiring, I learned that the duck doesn’t belong to the boy. However, they both hail from the same small village, suggesting a possible friendship between them,” Aguila added.