An optical illusion can deceive our eyes, but it can also offer intriguing insights into our personalities. TikTok, a platform bursting with creative content, hosts creators who specialize in these illusions, providing a mix of entertainment and self-reflection. One such creator, Mia Yillin (@mia_yillin), recently posted an illusion that also serves as a personality test, amassing over 972,000 views.

The illusion presents two distinct images: a black crow perched on a rock and a man’s face formed from stacked boulders. According to Yillin, your personality traits might determine which of these images you notice first.

If you first see the crow, it suggests a tendency towards judgmentality. However, Mia clarifies that this judgment isn’t necessarily negative but rather indicative of strong intuition and the ability to accurately assess others.

On the other hand, if you notice the face first, it indicates a tendency towards self-criticism. Mia explains that this self-criticism serves as a defense mechanism against the fear of rejection, but she encourages individuals not to let it hinder their personal growth.

Mia’s expertise in providing such illusions on TikTok is well-known, and her accuracy in this instance was met with praise from viewers. Many commented on the precision of her interpretations, particularly regarding the crow explanation.