Back in 2016, a video capturing a mother’s final moments before being mauled by a tiger shocked social media users worldwide.

The tragic incident occurred at Beijing’s Badaling Wildlife World, where a family, including the woman, her daughter Zhao, and other relatives, were driving through the park in their car.

Before entering, they signed an agreement stating they would not leave their vehicle due to the inherent dangers of walking in an animal habitat.

Despite this warning, Zhao exited the car after feeling car sick. Chilling footage shows her checking if she was blocking traffic. Moments later, a Siberian tiger attacked Zhao, dragging her into the bushes.

The family rushed to her aid, with her mother attempting to save her. Unfortunately, another tiger attacked and killed the mother in front of her family and other park visitors.

Zhao later claimed that the park had not adequately warned them of the dangers, believing the agreement they signed was merely a registration form. The family sued the park for the mother’s death, arguing they were unaware of the risks and that a nearby park official had failed to intervene.

However, authorities in the Yanqing District concluded that the woman’s death was not an “industry security accident,” thereby absolving the park of responsibility.