Meet Daisy, a 2-year-old Rottweiler puppy who adores cuddling.

Daisy is like a constant companion to her human brother, always sticking close to him and sleeping beside him without fail.

Two years ago, the family warmly welcomed Daisy into their lives, and from that moment on, they have been inseparable. The adorable pup quickly developed a deep affection for her brother and has remained faithfully by his side ever since.

They enjoy engaging in playful tug-of-war sessions with their toys. However, the real excitement for Daisy begins at night. Daisy eagerly heads to her brother’s bedroom and patiently awaits his arrival.

Troilo, Daisy’s owner, shared, “My son has type 1 diabetes, and despite not being trained for it, Daisy could sense when he was experiencing a medical emergency.”

She’s incredibly intelligent. Daisy is a clever girl who assists the mother in recognizing when the boy is facing health issues.

The puppy has learned that when it’s 8:30, it’s time to begin preparing for bed. At that moment, regardless of what she may be engaged in, she will immediately leave everything behind and go to sleep beside her beloved boy.