Lucas Aldrich has defied the odds by completing more than a dozen triathlons despite facing significant challenges.

Born with lissencephaly, a neurological disorder, Lucas relies on his family for basic needs like walking, speaking, and feeding. Yet, with unwavering support from his older brother Noah, Lucas has embraced an active lifestyle.

noah and lucas

Noah, 12, has been Lucas’s dedicated companion in their triathlon journey. When he learned about a local YMCA hosting a mini-triathlon for children in 2014, Noah refused to let Lucas be a mere spectator.

Determined to include his brother, they trained together for the event. During the race, Noah pushed Lucas in a stroller for the one-mile run, biked with him in a trailer for three miles, and pulled him in a raft to complete the swim portion.

noah pushing lucas

Their combined efforts resulted in a finish time of 54 minutes, marking the beginning of their inspiring journey.

Competing under the team name “Lucas House,” named after their mom’s nonprofit vision, the duo continues to participate in triathlons, warming hearts and inspiring others along the way.

noah biking with lucas

The “Lucas House” nonprofit aims to provide respite for children with life-limiting conditions like Lucas’s, offering relief and comfort during short stays. It also allows parents to recharge, knowing their children are cared for.

Their story exemplifies the profound bond of sibling love and care, serving as an inspiration to many. To learn more about Lucas House and support their cause, click here. Share this heartwarming tale to spread the message of true devotion.

noah pulling raft

lucas house