Eric and LeAnne Stadler of Ohio are the proud parents of four biological children and have been fostering babies since 2014. Their journey took a heartbreaking turn when Child Protective Services contacted LeAnne in 2017 about a 2-month-old baby named Easton.

CPS revealed that Easton had been in the hospital for 11 days after a nurse, alarmed by his condition, reported his parents to authorities. When they arrived at the family’s home, they found Easton unresponsive, malnourished, and in soiled clothes.

Rushed to the hospital, Easton was diagnosed with nonorganic failure to thrive, a condition characterized by inadequate growth without a clear medical cause.

Upon meeting Easton at the hospital, Eric and LeAnne were shocked by his fragile state. Despite doctors’ instructions to care for him with love and nutrition, they feared for his survival.

With round-the-clock care, Easton gradually showed signs of improvement, gaining weight and strength. However, concerns remained about his muscle tone and development. A subsequent MRI revealed non-accidental head trauma, indicating shaken baby syndrome.

Heartbroken by the revelation, Eric and LeAnne were more determined than ever to provide Easton with the love and care he deserved. His biological father later confessed to the abuse and was sentenced to prison.

Despite facing physical disabilities like hypotonic cerebral palsy and dysphagia, Easton persevered with the support of his dedicated foster family. At the age of 3, the Stadlers made their family complete by legally adopting him.

Easton’s journey is a testament to the power of love and resilience. Eric and LeAnne’s unwavering commitment has transformed his life, and he now thrives in a nurturing home surrounded by his loving siblings. The Stadlers consider themselves blessed to have Easton in their lives, a sentiment echoed by all who witness his incredible journey.