As technology advances at an incredible pace, making our lives more convenient by the minute, many ingenious devices from the past are becoming obsolete. This trend affects nearly every aspect of our lives, from how we listen to music to how we travel. Indeed, everything is changing.

As a result, certain technologies from the past have become mere memories, with future generations unable to recognize the items we once cherished. Take these little ‘coins,’ for example…

Do you know what these were used for?

If you’re of a certain age and reading this, you might recognize them. Yes, they are ‘needle threaders,’ a staple in every household back in the day.

Remember when young girls were taught to sew? These little tools were essential for threading a needle.

Every sewing kit included one of these, along with a needle, tape measure, scissors, pins, and a pincushion.

I remember my mom teaching me how to use these, although I can’t say I was ever very skilled with them. How about you?

Here’s a bit more trivia… Do you remember what these are? Leave your comments on Facebook if you can identify them. I recognized them right away too. Uh oh — does that mean I’m old?

And here are three other items that most of my friends probably won’t recognize.

1. Oil can opener spout

These old-school opener spouts were designed to open tins of turbine engine oil and were made with a sheet metal spout.

In the days when oil was packaged in cans rather than plastic bottles, oil spouts resembled hand shovels with a triangular metal piece in the middle.

2. Church keys

Back in the day, these tools were a necessity before twist-off or pull-tabs existed… The pointed ends of these tools were used to puncture beer and soda cans!

3. Record adapters

So, what is this? It might look more like a frisbee to kids than anything else, but these nifty tools were used when you put a record onto the record player that was the wrong size. You could use one of these adapters to get it to fit.