Struggling for a Third Face: Carmen Blandin Tarleton’s Unyielding Journey

Carmen Blandin Tarleton is facing a daunting challenge as her body grapples with the rejection of a transplant, plunging her into the prospect of acquiring a third face.

Having endured numerous surgeries and a face transplant in 2013, Tarleton managed to reclaim parts of her life over a decade after her estranged husband’s vicious attack with a baseball bat and lye left her disfigured. With determination, she even found solace in playing the piano and navigating her way through Manchester, New Hampshire, aided by a synthetic cornea that restored her vision.

However, over time, episodes of rejection treated by medical experts have led to swelling and deterioration of her new face. At 51 years old, her immune system is now outright rejecting the transplant, with severed blood arteries and withering facial tissue.

In the span of three months, Tarleton endured close to forty surgical procedures, a stark reminder of the relentless battle she faces. Despite her desire to move forward, the uncertainty looms as she contemplates her options: another transplant or reconstructing her original face, a journey fraught with the agony of revisiting past deformities.

Tarleton’s plight underscores the complexity and risks associated with face transplantation, a field still in its experimental stages. While medical advances have offered hope, the unpredictability of outcomes remains a stark reality.

Transplant surgeons, like Dr. Bohdan Pomahac, acknowledge the uncertainties, emphasizing the need for caution and managing expectations.

New Hampshire woman, 52, becomes first American to get a SECOND face  transplant | Daily Mail Online

Yet, amidst the challenges, Tarleton’s resilience shines through. Her journey, marked by pain and setbacks, has also been one of triumphs. Despite losing her sight and grappling with unforeseen complications, she finds solace in her newfound abilities, from playing the banjo to sharing moments with her grandchildren.

As Tarleton faces the daunting prospect of a third face, her unwavering spirit serves as a beacon of hope, reminding us of the resilience of the human spirit in the face of adversity.