“I am flooded with affection, and I am very thankful!” the mother exclaimed. “I want to hold onto this moment of pure joy forever.”

Postpartum photos are common on the internet, but this particular set captures something extraordinary: a mother’s elation upon meeting her child, born through the incredible gift of surrogacy.

Kim Overton faced a challenging diagnosis of fibromyoma, but after surgery, she was able to give birth to a child in 2012. When she decided to have a second child, doctors informed her that pregnancy was nearly impossible.

Considering her options, Kim began to think about surrogacy. Upon sharing her thoughts with her family, her cousin’s daughter, Sydney, expressed interest in becoming the surrogate.

Kim and her husband were deeply touched. “Sydney seemed like an angel to us,” Kim said. “We wouldn’t have been able to have a child without her. What she did was an act of pure selflessness and love.”