Tessa Evans, an ordinary young girl, possesses an extraordinary characteristic—she was born without a nose, a medical condition known as aplasia. This rare anomaly, also referred to as congenital arhinia, has been reported only 47 times in the entire United Kingdom, making it exceptionally uncommon.

Tessa, now eight years old, was diagnosed with this condition, which means she has a relatively flat facial profile, a detail hinted at by an ultrasound before her birth.

At just 11 weeks old, Tessa underwent surgery to address a cataract issue, which unfortunately resulted in blindness in one eye. Additionally, she was diagnosed with heart problems, further complicating her health challenges.

Tessa’s unique situation necessitated a tracheostomy to facilitate breathing while eating, highlighting the complex medical interventions required to address her specific needs. Despite being born without a nose and facing multiple health issues, Tessa’s family remains dedicated to her well-being.

The absence of sinuses makes her more susceptible to colds and respiratory challenges. Nevertheless, her parents, who chose to continue the pregnancy despite the diagnosis, provide unwavering love and support for Tessa.

Looking ahead, the family plans to pursue surgical procedures to reshape Tessa’s nose, aiming to enhance her overall health and quality of life. Throughout her journey, Tessa maintains a cheerful disposition, showcasing remarkable resilience and strength in the face of adversity.