Every parent believes their children are the best, and some share their happiness by posting pictures of their kids online.

Sienna did just that: she posted a picture of her young daughter, Ameli, on her account.

The internet users had mixed reactions.

Because the girl in the photos looked like a pretty doll, many visitors to Sienna’s page questioned the authenticity of the images.

Some accused the mother of over-editing the photos and using special filters that altered their appearance.

However, Ameli truly has a remarkable and very unusual appearance. Her doll-like looks seemed almost unnatural due to her expressive facial features.

Ameli’s unique appearance results from the combination of genes from multiple nationalities.

To convince everyone of Ameli’s natural beauty, her mother uploaded a video showing a close-up of her face.

Only then did people realize that Sienna had not edited the photos, and that Ameli was genuinely very beautiful by nature. Now, everyone eagerly awaits new pictures.