The couple’s joy knew no bounds when they discovered they were expecting twins. Their older children eagerly anticipated the arrival of their new siblings. The couple had already chosen the names Amelia and Katie for their daughters.

Initially, the twins were expected to be born in September. However, plans changed significantly when Amelia, the first twin, was born at the end of May. Despite her early arrival, Amelia was in better health than expected. By that time, she had gained weight, but her sister Katie, who was still in the womb, was significantly larger.

The media quickly took an interest in the girls. Due to the considerable difference in their birthdates, Amelia and Katie were recognized in the Guinness Book of Records.

The family has a unique tradition of celebrating the twins’ birthdays twice a year. The first celebration is for Amelia, and the second is for Katie. Although there is a substantial time gap between their births, people often get confused about who is who. However, the parents always know, as one would expect.