When Jose found out that his wife was expecting, he was overjoyed. It seemed their family’s happiness would double with the arrival of a son.

Jose frequently accompanied his wife to the doctor and soon discovered they were expecting twins, which meant their joy had tripled!

Vinnie and Cathy were born promptly, and the process went according to plan. However, the doctors were taken aback when they saw the girls: they were albinos. Photos of the happy parents quickly drew attention on social media.

Born at 36 weeks in 2018, Cathy and Vinnie became well-known in their home country as the first twins with albinism. The media also took an interest in the two ‘princesses’ despite their sudden fame.

Their parents quickly adapted to the attention. While Cathy and Vinnie will be different from other children as they grow, their parents intend to show them the world: that all children deserve unconditional love and acceptance.

The twins are now approaching adulthood, and they are becoming increasingly charming.