Babies are often seen as charming and lovely, with their innocent responses to the world around them, untouched by the complexities of adult life. However, not many people realize that babies can sometimes communicate in surprisingly sophisticated ways.

This was recently proven by Eryn Fitzgerald, a one-year-old who, despite her tiny stature and limited vocabulary, managed to engage in what seemed like an adult-level conversation with her father.

Captured on video, Eryn was seen interacting with her dad as if she were much older. Although she spoke in baby language, it didn’t matter to her whether her father could understand every word. Eryn began the discussion by pointing at something with her fingers, then folded her fingers one by one as if counting, and finally clasped her hands, seemingly expecting a response.

Her father played along, responding, “You’re fooling me,” as Eryn continued her baby babble. When she paused, he prompted her with, “Then what?” which encouraged her to continue her animated remarks. At one point, she rubbed her head, to which her father responded, “Unbelievable,” much to her delight. Eryn kept babbling, almost as if she was complaining, while her father patiently listened.

After her little conversation, Eryn sat down on the ground, looking fatigued. This adorable interaction highlights that babies, too, have things they want to express to their parents, but their limited ability to communicate clearly can sometimes make it challenging.

Watch the heartwarming video below and see for yourself how Eryn’s conversation with her dad showcases the remarkable ways in which even the tiniest family members can engage in meaningful interactions.