A Florida firefighter, accustomed to saving lives in critical situations, had a unique experience when he adopted a newborn girl from an infant drop box. One night at 2 a.m., an alarm sounded at his station, indicating that someone had left a child in the Safe Haven Baby Box.

While false alarms were common, this time he was astonished to find a tiny baby girl named Zoey holding a bottle and gazing up at him. They immediately formed a connection, and he sensed he had found someone special.

Inspired by this experience, the firefighter and his wife, who had struggled with infertility for years, began considering adoption. After taking the infant to the hospital and leaving a note with the administrators expressing their desire to adopt, he felt a mix of apprehension and hope, fearing the message might not reach the right person and Zoey would be taken away.

However, a few days later, Zoey was safe and sound in their home, and she officially became their daughter in April. The firefighter believes their meeting with Zoey was guided by divine intervention.

In sharing their story, the firefighter hoped that Zoey’s birth mother would find comfort in knowing that her child is loved and well cared for. Safe Haven, the organization behind the baby boxes, has received 31 surrendered infants in 148 boxes nationwide.

Monica Kelsey, the program’s founder, expressed gratitude to the anonymous mother who chose to leave her child in a safe place.

The firefighter and his wife wanted the birth mother to understand that her child is cherished and secure. Although their journey to parenthood had been challenging, discovering Zoey felt like a miraculous gift.

By adopting the baby girl, the firefighters not only found joy but also brought attention to the importance of the Safe Haven Baby Box program, which offers a safe alternative for parents facing difficult circumstances.