In the bustling city of Melbourne, a local resident named Teu recently celebrated the birth of her newborn son, achieving an extraordinary milestone that has set a record.

Teu proudly welcomed her son, who made his entrance into the world as the largest newborn ever recorded on the planet, weighing an astonishing 6300 grams. This remarkable feat defied conventional standards and left medical professionals amazed.

As Teu approached the sixth month of her pregnancy, she eagerly anticipated the arrival of her son, affectionately calling him her “hero.” The size of the fetus, measuring twice the norm, hinted at the extraordinary journey ahead.

Initially estimated to weigh around five kilograms by gynecologists, the newborn surpassed expectations with a weight of 6 kilograms and 300 grams at birth, during the 39th week of pregnancy.

Named Maoama, the newborn entered the world in perfect health, adding to Teu’s family as her fourth child. Maoama joins three older brothers, including a pair of nine-year-old twins and a younger sibling aged 6. Interestingly, despite having three older brothers, none of them shared Maoama’s exceptional size at birth.

This remarkable event, documented in May 2016, remains unparalleled and serves as a testament to the incredible diversity and unpredictability of childbirth. Maoama’s healthy and substantial arrival continues to captivate and inspire, leaving an indelible mark in the heart of Melbourne as a noteworthy and unprecedented record.