Jennifer Nettles, the silky-voiced singer from Sugarland, paid homage to Neil Diamond, the legendary baritone with 38 top 10 songs and over 100 million albums sold worldwide, at the Kennedy Center Honors. Nettles performed “Hello Again,” one of Diamond’s most poignant songs, moving him to tears.

The Kennedy Center Honors is an annual event recognizing American performers for their lifelong contributions to American culture. It was a star-studded night, culminating in Nettles’ heartfelt performance.

Jennifer Nettles grew up in Douglas, Georgia, singing at school assemblies and her Baptist church. She gained worldwide fame after forming Sugarland with Kristen Hall and Kristina Bush in Atlanta in 2002. The group has released three albums, with fifteen songs making it onto the Billboard Hot Country Songs list.

Neil Diamond is a global icon and one of the best-selling artists of all time, with eleven Hot 100 and Adult Contemporary number one hits. His first movie, “The Jazz Singer” (1980), featured several of his songs. “Hello Again” from the film was a smash hit, reaching number six on the Billboard Hot 100 and number three on the Adult Contemporary charts.

At the Kennedy Center Honors, Nettles delivered an impassioned rendition of “Hello Again,” pouring her heart into the performance. Diamond, visibly moved, fought back tears, showing how much the tribute meant to him.

The audience was equally touched by Nettles’ performance. Her powerful voice and emotional delivery resonated deeply, as evidenced by comments from viewers praising her rendition.

The performance ended with Nettles kissing Diamond, marking one of the evening’s most memorable tributes. It was a night Neil Diamond will never forget, as he was celebrated for his contributions to American culture and honored by Jennifer Nettles’ beautiful performance.

Watch the touching tribute below and experience the unforgettable moment when Neil Diamond received his Kennedy Center Honor.